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Κυριακή, 5 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Kastani 'Mamma Mia' beach Skopelos

Kastani 'Mamma Mia' beach Skopelos island
Kastani beach Skopelos

Hovolo beach Skopelos island
Hovolo beach Skopelos
A kilometre or so north of Milia brings you to the splendid beach of KASTANI. One of the island's sandiest beaches, Kastani was used for beach scenes in the hit musical movie of Mamma Mia.
The approach is down a steep, pine cloaked and heavily rutted dirt track and there is not much room to turn at the bottom so take car with the car. A beach cantina sometimes springs up in the summer but there are no other facilities.
Kastani is a pretty bay of fine, sharp sand with rocks at either end. The pines roll right down to the shore so there is some natural shade.
A small jetty appeared briefly but it was only a mock-up, built for the movie set of Mamma Mia and has since, like the film crews and movie stars, vanished leaving no trace of their activities except a war of words with neighbouring Skiathos over which island features most in the movie - it is Skopelos and this beach in particular.
Further along the coast north of Milia are several more coves, all quite difficult to get to, being away from the main road and usually visited by those who have hired a boat. All are stone and shingle and their main attraction lies is in their peace and seclusion.
The best are just north of Kastani at NERAKI and FTELIA, each side of a small and attractive bay, and further north EKATOPENINDARI and eventually HOVOLO which is on the outskirts of Elios.

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